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Default New York Ripper cuts

I'm going to be writing up my own review this week, but wanted to share my thoughts on the edit imposed on the death of Kitty. People might be perplexed that the BBFC targeted this particular scene, considering the explicit carnage already seen up to that point. The thing is, the BBFC are averse to naked women subjected to violence. Naked = sex, which mustn't be in the same scene as the violence lest anyone starts to get the two confused. All well and good, you might think, except that every female character killed in the film has their sexual organs (breasts, vagina) specifically targeted and brutally mutilated. But hey, that's ok because they were fully clothed at the time.

So other than that, congratulations Shameless on an exemplary blu ray. I particularly liked your dig at the censors (some prosthetics were damaged during the making of this film) and the trailer for Almost Human looks really good! I'll send a link once our review is up online.
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