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Originally Posted by MikeOutWest View Post
You're right Owls, in that the whole film has a very misogynistic view of gender politics. However watching the film last night I have to say that it does actually have some artistic merit even though the film as a whole is pretty distasteful.
I'm hard pushed to consider NYR as being misogynistic. It chronicles the activities of a misogynist - I mean, the killer obviously hates women, so he's not going to be kind and gentle to his victims, is he? But, in all honesty, for the film to actually be misogynistic would mean that its sole remit as a film would be to get the viewer to hate women. Well, it doesn't really do that, does it?

I'm with Calum on this one, I've always felt that Fulci was poking fun at the genre by making such an over-the-top entry into the Giallo canon. With its trite dialogue, excessive violence, sleazy sexual deviance and a funky score, it just strikes me as Fulci saying 'What the hell, let's go all out and make the ultimate, excessive Giallo.' Although Giallo in Venice/Giallo a Venezia is also a contender for 'Most Extreme Giallo'.

Sorry for taking things off-topic, but it was an interesting point that I wanted to address.
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