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Originally Posted by Toonloon View Post
I couldn't wait and got the US version of Season 1 last October, but it was VERY expensive.

I also had the Definitive sets, which I had to buy from the US because the features were better. I'm hesitant to buy the UK BDs just in case there is content difference again.

Does anyone have season 1? What's it like?

Hi Toonloon, welcome to The Twilight Zone forum. Rest assured, the UK BD sets are exactly the same as the sets that were released in the US and Australia. The extras, the transfers, everything!

I have seasons 1 & 2 and as a huge TZ fan like yourself I'm really pleased with them, so I think you'll be pleased if you take the plunge.

You're so right about the price of the US sets. I'm kind of glad that they were region locked, because I might have bought them anyway, but the region lock forced me to wait for the UK sets and save a good few quid.

Hope you stick around ToonLoon and let us know your thoughts on some TZ eps!
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