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I also watched on HTV Wales from about episode 4, I remember the first time I ever saw Prisoner, Bill had been stabbed and Meg was being horrible to the women and then obviously I realised it was her husband that had been killed. I had seen Prisoner in the schedules but assumed it was a documentary but once I started watching it I was hooked, I didn't know how many episodes I had missed (which turned out to be 3) until much later on when I got involved with The original Prisoner fan club.

HTV used to show their own night time programmes back then called 'Night Club' which included Prisoner, married with Children etc, the announcers chatted before and after each episode, ran competitions and read out viewers letters. Prisoner was first shown on a monday night and accasionally on a tuesday before chaging to a sunday and monday, it was then shown on sundays and tuesdays but throughout most of the run it was screened on tuesdays and thursdays and as 'badboy' said above, it was also sometimes screened 3 times in a week (sun, tues and thurs) and also (tues, wed and thurs). Happy Days!!!
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