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Central television didn't really make a fuss over the final episode, it was the fans that made the fuss. We all had a demo outside central televisions studios in birmingham on the december 16th 1991 (the day of the final episode) demanding that Central re-run the entire series. Val Lehman and Judy McBurney turned up and handed the execs at Central a 15,000 name petition.

Around 100 fans turned up (me included) even though I lived in South Wales) and we even made the local news with central news doing a feature on us in their news report! The fan club organised a party at the 'The Institute' night club where we all watched prisoner clips on a big screen, Val lehman, Judy McBurney and Fiona Spence were there, there was a prisoner memorabilia auction, a fancy dress comp and Val made many phone calls to various Pris actresses including Glenda Linscott (Rita), Lois Collinder (Lurch), Pepe Trevor (Lexie) and a few video messages were played from other actresses including Gerda Nicholson (Ann) and Ernie Bourne (Mervin) and we all watched the final episode of Prisoner screened live on the big screen!

The first Prisoner event I had ever been to and probably the best so far!

***sorry dunno wot happened*** The above is a reply to this post................

The first episode I saw was the one which ended with Sandy Edwards pelting down the corridor towards a terrified Saint Meg, as the end-of-season riot kicked off.

Hooked instantly. How could anyone not be?

I loved watching the show in the Central region because they showed it three times a week. We were therefore far in front of the rest of the country. My aunt lived in a different TV region, and was also a Blocky addict. She often recorded episodes for me so I could find out some of the characters' back stories. It was particularly thrilling when she captured 116 for me, as Sharon's death had been mentioned quite a few times, what with Jock reappearing in the show not long after I started watching.

I seem to recall Central making a big fuss of the final episode, too, even though they messed around with the scheduling of the last few. Can't remember what they did, exactly, but they certainly made it feel like an Event.

When Blocky had finished, they ran Dangerous Women in its place. I lasted about three episodes into that one before deciding it was crap and switching off. You can't imitate PCBH.

They re-ran the early episodes a few years later (I still have one of the Pat O'Connell ones on tape somewhere from its second Central showing). It was fascinating to see the *really* early ones. I don't remember how far they got before they stopped, though.

Happy Days.

Of course, I've since seen the whole show again on C5, and am enjoying it once more on DVD. Can't wait until they get to Sandy's arrival - those are the episodes that *really* bring back the memories...[/QUOTE]
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