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Default Sam Peckinpahs "CROSS OF IRON" for a shameless release

okay i know shameless only re-release b movies but since cannibal holocaust is being given a justified re-release with minor cuts and being re-restored to its near former glory, one film i think should be given the shameless treatment is Sam Peckinpah's "CROSS OF IRON", a world war 2 film that like Cannibal has suffered from the similar fates of savage cuts in its film time that has made the film as limp as a bag of sour beef jerky.

it was loosely based on the SVEN HASSEL fiction novels centering on a group of german soldiers who witness the terrible cost the war has brought to Europe and them knowing the fact that they are fighting a war they cannot win fighting alongside criminals and other degenerates sent to fight in the penal battalions to regain their honour and respect from the furher and being given orders by blood thirsty SS generals who care nothing for the wellfare of their men except final victory at all costs.

rather than just re-releasing horror films and post apocalyptic films i like to see shameless branching into the war films market and re-release films that have been lost in time that should have been classics hadn't it been for the inteference of the PC BRIGADE cutting the films film time of its most "controversial" scenes just so it can be fit for public consumption.
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