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Okay guys. The competition is now closed.

I just want to say before announcing the winner that each person's contribution is just as valid as the others. Each one shows real affection for the show so the winner has been chosen completely at random by RANDOM.ORG - True Random Number Service from the qualifying entries.

It's a shame that everyone can't win, but I think even though there were only a few entries this has given the forum a nice little boost and I hope everyone has enjoyed the interaction. We have a nice group of people here in the TZ forum who post intelligent and insightful opinions and are also respectful of the other members. I think it's very in keeping with the spirit of the television series.

New forums are always slow to start, but I think we're starting to build up a good momentum here; I personally love dropping by here every day. So I hope even though the competition has ended you'll all still enjoy posting here.

So, without any further ado, the winner of seasons 1-3 on blu ray is:


DM me your address sir and I'll get it to the relevant people.
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