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Default Bigfoot Horror Movies!!

After watching the weird and wonderful SHRIEK OF THE MUTILATED last night I became inspired to start a thread dedicated to these Bigfoot films.

So what have I seen? Well for a start one of the earlier ones is Hammer's THE ABOMINABLE SNOWMAN which though ain't great it ain't bad either and features good acting performances and some stunning cinematography. There is of course reaper's favourite movie NIGHT OF THE DEMON which is a trash classic. CREATURE FROM BLACK LAKE is a brilliant little movie which is as much about friendship as it is Yetis. THE LEGEND OF BIGFOOT ('76) is a hilarious mockumentary by Ivan Marx which I think was later exposed as a hoax though don't let that put you off as it's a stunning film. SNOWBEAST is a neat TV movie that's worth checking out and last night's viewing of SHRIEK OF THE MUTILATED was fantastic. It has to be seen by any self respecting trash movie fan.

They aren't all good though and films like TERROR IN THE SWAMP, BOGGY CREEK II and SNOW CREATURE are painfully bad films.

I'm currently working my way through Retromedia's Bigfoot Terror set, it contains 4 films (Shriek Of The Mutilated / Capture Of Bigfoot / Search For The Beast / Legend Of Bigfoot '76) and can be imported for cheap.

So yeah, favourite Bigfoot movies? Why do you like/dislike them? Recommendations and comments on availability? Anything else? Discuss.

P.S. and though I'm not a firm believer, I am open minded to the existence of Bigfoot.
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