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The Bigfoot Terror set is going for under a fiver on Amazon Marketplace and it's being sold by Caiman so you're guaranteed a fast delivery. I remember hunting down the Pre-Cert of Shriek and was willing to pay a tenner or more for it. But here it's restored, has all the gore reinserted and comes with 3 bonus films (one of which is the classic Marx Bigfoot mockumentary), I've not seen the other two yet though. What are you waiting for? Order it now!

Oh and the Sasquatch Horror set (again by Retromedia) is going for the same price. Snow Creature is very boring and I already have 2 prints of Snowbeast (VIPCO and Mill Creek) but it's probably worth getting alone for SASQUATCH: THE LEGEND OF BIGFOOT. I recently watched the trailer for it and it looks brilliant.

I too heard positive reviews of Abominable. It's on me wishlist and I'll get it one day.
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