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Abominable has been shown on the Sci-Fi Channel along with another bigfoot film featuring Lance Henriksen,Devil On The Mountain.Abominable a reworking of the legendary Hitchcock film Rear Window is hugely entertaining though DOTM is a disappointment.I've always had a soft spot for Snowbeast since I first watched it on a saturday evening as a young lad,when ITV used to screen TV creature features about 7.30 in the evening including Tarantulas -The Deadly Cargo & Ants ! (aka Panic At Lakewood Manor)Both of the later films are also available in nice looking prints on r1.The Werewolf & The Yeti is pretty awful & undeserving of its original"nasty" status though I would love a dvd of it for nostalgic reasons.The Abominable Snowman (1956) from Hammer is still one of the best & most intelligent of the films about the legendary Yeti but Legend Of Boggy Creek used to creep me out as a kid on its BBC 2 screenings.The Creature From Black Lake (1976) is probably one of the best 'Bigfoot' movies which screens on Zone Horror in a version vastly superior to the blurry pan & scan UK dvd.I would also highly recommend the exceptionally creepy TV movie A Cold Nights Death (1973) starring Robert Culp & Eli Wallach as two research scientists in a remote arctic laboratory who think they are being watched by 'something'.I won't give away the plot but it's very atmospheric.
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