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How could I forget WEREWOLF AND THE YETI? Especially after I've requested a DVD release so many times. It's a bad film I agree but it's also strangely engaging and the final battle is such a disappointment but also fascinating at the same time. Viva Paul Naschy!

I love Creature From Black Lake but I've never seen a good print of it. Unfortunately it's one that I can't see getting a proper release because it's so minor but it really is a wonderful little film.

Alright so I've just watched another couple from this Bigfoot Terror set. THE CAPTURE OF BIGFOOT is tremendous fun and never has a dull moment. But SEARCH FOR THE BEAST is one of the worst films I've ever sat through. It has lots of big baps, some hillbilly banjo playing, a Bigfoot rape scene and a David Friedman cameo but don't let that fool you. It's an appalling SOV atrocity that has a crap plot, crap editing, crap special effects and was painful to sit through, Andreas Schnaas would have been proud of it. Thankfully it was only 69 minutes long though.

Check its IMDb page, it has a score of 1.4/10 and that is generous! It looked way out of place in this Bigfoot set.

So Bigfoot Terror in my opinion contains 2 classics, 1 very entertaining potboiler and 1 of the worst films ever made. 6 well spent I reckon . It's worth it alone for the Yeti chasing scene in Shriek Of The Mutilated when he shouts to Bigfoot "get back here you fool!" .
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