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Originally Posted by cloud View Post
That sounds interesting, mark meakin. I never seem to watch much telly nowadays, I'm too busy with DVDs instead so I'll probably wait for the DVD.

Come on then Scotland (TALL DUDE to everyone else) give us a list of your favourite and least favourite Bigfoot films. I know you like your Yetis.
Ok dude,off the top of me head we have...

Night of the demon...dick rippin fun.
Abominable....great recent entry in the genre.
Snowbeast...tacky but fun tv movie.Made an impression on me as a kid.
Shriek of the bad its good.
sasquatch hunters...average,even though it has lance henriken in the cast.
Clawed....another average recent release.
Legend of bigfoot...ok.
capture of bigfoot....average.A bit slow going for me.
Search for the beast...ha-ha-ha! Contains one of the funniest bigfoot rape scenes ever(possibly the only one.) Awful,but fun.
Suburban sasquatch....has to be seen to be believed! If u thought search was bad cloud,wait till you see this beaut. Another from the infamous decrepit crypt 50 movie pack.
The abominable of hammers lesser efforts.Ok,but its been years since i last watched this.
Legend of boggy creek...good. a little slow.
Boggy creek 2...painfully slow.
Creature from black lake...good,although the r2 dvd release is awful.
Rana...bill rebane has a go at the bigfoot legend...not bad,unitentionally funny in places.
Snow creature...aint seen this one.
Terror in the swamp...had a vhs of this back in the early 90's.Mediocre at best.
Sasquatch...aint seen this one.
Werewolf and the yeti...enjoyable nonsense from paul naschy.
Harry and the hendersons...

Probably more i've forgotten about.
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