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Originally Posted by Reaper@Cult Labs View Post
Flymo slaughter? Egg sandwich?

What's your favourite scene?

How could anyone not love the Flymo scene? In fact their are many scenes that all stand out to me. Even right at the beginning when the guy get's his arm cut off on the beach as they're trying to escape the tribesman. I remember being sickened but yet so impressed at how real it looked. I was only a youngster at the time so am certainly more hardened to gore scenes but I always remember it really blowing me away at the time and knew I was in for a treat.

What I love more though is the constant quotable lines, I still find myself using them to this day.

"The W L, W L !!"

"Your mother ate my dog"

"I kick ass for the lord"

Oh I could go on and on. The film is genius and I cannot wait to see a UK Blu-ray release
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