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Originally Posted by Stephen@Cult Labs View Post
I know this is a long shot, and a llittle different from the cut to Arrow's Inferno, but perhaps some nice emails to the BBFC may help (a little).

It's a very different situation to Arrow because the cuts here are all in relation to depictions of sexual violence so I don't think it'd be helpful for people to start saying about their right to view whatever they want. We don't want to reinforce their opinion that we're all a bunch of sick pervs!

However, I think polite, sensible, non-sabre-rattling emails about the negative effects on small UK distributors like Shameless would be fine e.g. film fans end up spending their money abroad rather in the UK, thus having a negative effect on UK businesses. So, if anyone does want to contact the BBFC, please go down this route.

Contact info can be found here.
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