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Originally Posted by Anth View Post
Agree, there is little point in comparing any more DVD's for this movie in my opinion since the Grindhouse and EC Entertainment Superbit DVDs are clearly the best this will ever look on DVD.

All they needed to say was the Shameless DVD was on a par with them and then concentrate on comparing the previous DVD's with the Blu-Ray.
Yeah, DVDs are coasters! (I think that's the appropriate smile)

Actually, I wasn't expecting to get the DVD edition for review. I requested a Blu copy for one of the DVDBeaver Blu reviewers and I set up the comparison by picking out the Grindhouse caps, posters, and writing the film review up top (although I get the feeling no one actually reads those) and commenting on the US DVD. When I received the DVD check discs, I thought there was some confusion but I was told that the Blu was indeed sent out. Since it had not arrived after a week, I matched the Grindhouse and Shameless caps and we put up the early review.

I was just emailed this morning that Blu arrived today so the Shameless Blu-Ray caps and comments should be up this weekend or Monday. I'll post the link again when it is upgraded (although I think the URL should still be the same).

As for the utility of the DVD comparison, I think there are people who do not consider the DVD release a mere concession, and would like to see the movie now rather than future-proof their collection with Blu-Rays they can't watch yet (although I must admit that I have foregone a couple DVD editions and bought some Blus that I get to watch on my younger brother's PS3 - I'm not a gamer - perhaps every other weekend).
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