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Originally Posted by PoochJD View Post
Hi Sam,

I'd like to see two specific titles from the same director: Dick Maas - who is from the Netherlands.

I'd love to see his films "Amsterdamned" and "The Lift".

Hi Pooch,

The Lift and Amsterdamned are two films along with Vamp which I would love to put out but the prices - ye gods! They're on our radar but I suspect they'll end up elswhere. The Lift and Amsterdamned had great artwork (for once we'd be able to keep them rather than make up our own). I just got my replacement Vestron Amsterdamned tape the other day as the other one was knackered from people borrowing it!

Xtro was another one I really wanted to do but it seems it's just been re-released along with the somewhat odd sequels. Has anyone seen these DVDs or bought 'em?
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