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Good thread. I'm 31 now...... and was lucky enough to have parents who didn't beleive in censorship and who also worked full time. During the summer holidays once I had hit my teens, they would leave me home alone with a lovely diet of Nightmare on Elm Street movies and other late 80s horror. All rented from the 'Video Butcher' no less. He was a butcher.... who also rented videos..... long story. Tapes smelled of meat.

So that was that, from about 1989 onwards I became gradually more and more obsessed with horror movies. This also coincided with the launch of Charlie Band's FULL MOON label as well, so things like Puppet Master, Subspecies and Trancers proved to be a cheap and readily available fix...... at least until I began to earn money and could afford to buy my way into a better taste in horror....... and THEN they invented the internet ......
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