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Originally Posted by Daemonia View Post
I first really got into horror via the horror double-bills that BBC2 showed in the late 70's/early 80's. I was introduced to horrors both old and new. So I still have a soft spot for vintage horror, as this is what got me into horror. Then in the early 80's my first introduction to VHS horror was a double-bill of Carrie and The Exorcist and there was no turning back after that - that was a real eye-opener! So I avidly viewed any and every horror film I could get hold of after that. Then came DVD and I began collecting in earnest.
Another old timer !.Yes I was introduced to the likes of The Ghoul (1974) & the marvellous Night Of The Demon (1957) thanks to the BBC 2 double bills.In 1983 the channel screened a superb season in the early evening of Sci-fi films too including Invaders From Mars & My first ever screening of Creature From The Black Lagoon.Channel 4 was also decent in the old days screening a lengthy season of Universal Classics,The Uninvited (1944) which I've never seen since.They also had the The Worst Of Hollywood season which screened Robot Monster & Godzilla Vs The Smog Monster among others,& episodes of the outstanding 60s TV series BORIS KARLOFF PRESENTS (THRILLER).I was also introduced to the Kolchak-The Nightstalker series in 1983 when it premiered on Central for the first time though they messed the series about meaning I only got to see them all when BBC 2 had their DR TERROR seasons showing these & various films.TV is crap for horror fans now though BBC 2 show the odd gem & BBC 4 have screened the old BBC Ghost Stories For Christmas.Mind you satelite is not much better as the Sc-Fi Channel is crap now despite showing Night Gallery & Humanoids From The Deep (1980) in the old days
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