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Originally Posted by TyneBridges View Post
Wish more directors would cotton on to the power of suggestion. Scaring an audience does not depend on blood and guts, and graphic horror has too often been used as an easy substitute for imagination.
Point taken but i must confess personally, this whole 'use your imagination' approach in general does little or nothing for me. If there's a sinister presence in evidence i want to see it. I can't stand it in a movie where, say someone is being pursued by some force of evil or another and you can't see it. Take The Mummy chasing Nina Axelrod in Time Walker for instance. We observe the former's POV as it keeps pace not far behind the above female and whenever Axelrod is shot from the front her bandaged pursuer is nowhere to be seen in the background. Sorry, but for the most part yours truly hates that sorta thing. Imagination may have worked in the case of Robert Wise's The Haunting but i believe that's why Dreamworks loaded the loathed remake with PC-provided trickery. Because the studio probably thought that allowing the audience to rely on their own minds would be a turn-off in an age where CGI FX can show you anything. That said, i actually enjoy '57's Night Of The Demon and The Evil Dead and truly do approve of the less-is-more element in these two horror classics. The first half of Jaws works for me, too.

Imo the thing is, these days there's nothing that can't be shown with PC power and savvy cinemagoers know this. Therefore, when a horror film arrives which requires a cerebral approach over a visceral one then some spectators may well complain "Aw, the filmmakers mustn't have had the budget for proper FX." and the end result could potentially be disappointment for the viewer. Whether it's for the best or the worse, in cinemas CGI rules these days and i think it's what many or most audience members expect. Sad but most definitely true and a most bitter pill to swallow. I'm not exactly enamoured with this situation either believe me, but it is a fact.

However, admittedly i do intend to give Insidious a chance to send the shivers up my spine sooner or later once the price comes down.
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