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Originally Posted by TyneBridges View Post
I find that part of your message a bit baffling. As someone who dislikes graphic gore, I wouldn't describe The Evil Dead as "less is more".
Your confusion is understandable and perhaps i should've clarified my previous opinion more clearly.

The less-is-more element in TED refers to the film's 'Forest (wood, tree take your pick!) Demon'. We have plentiful POV shots of the relevant evildoer but we never actually catch sight of the creature during the movie's duration. The audience relys on Sam Raimi's legendary 'Shakey-Cam' footage and those unnerving demonic sound FX. Imo this approach appears to work in TED's favour. We see less of the forest's floating entity and i think such elusiveness makes the movie more suspenseful and heightens the horror. Just my two cents for what it's worth.

Jaws plays the same game as we don't get a good look at the marauding seabound predator during the film's first half. Once again, the viewer's imagination takes over and seems to fill the 'Shark isn't working' gaps quite nicely.
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