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Originally Posted by Jock Mooney View Post
I was impressed by just how many other gialli have taken massive chunks from this film - the most obvious being the stalk in the park that Argento liifted (to, I must say superior effect) in 'Four Flies on Grey Velvet'. The attack in the underground carpark is almost repeated shot for shot by Aldo Lado (?) in 'What Have They Done to your Daughters'
oh yeah absolutely,

also Mrs. Ward's apartment is in 'The Red Queen Kills 7 Times' and I thought Ivan Rassimov's introduction at the party was very reminiscent of A Clockwork Orange.

Perhaps more amusingly Edwige Fenech actually turns the TV off when the motorbike race is on in this film but by the time we get to 'Your Vice Is A Locked Room And Only I Have The Key' she is a lot more interested!
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