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Originally Posted by Daemonia View Post
It's alright, I get what you mean, Damek. I have the same problem. A few weeks after watching a Giallo, 9 times out of 10, I've completely forgotten what it was all about. It can sometimes take 2 or 3 viewings to properly absorb some of the more convoluted Giallos. In fact, some have taken a couple of goes to actually figure out what they're actually about.

The memorable ones stay with you, though. Films like Deep Red, Short Night of the Glass Dolls, Blood and Black lace. But this is probably more because they're profoundly exceptional films. That's not to say other Gialli aren't good, just less memorable for varying reasons.

So yeah, put me down as one who tends to forget what they're all about, if I can even figure them out in the first place. Maybe I'm just exceptionally dull.
I'm just the same, they can pass me by on first viewing. Thats why i like them, you need to see them four times minimum to pick up on all the plot strands.
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