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Originally Posted by simey View Post
I n ever ever watched Bad Girls when it was originally on tv but I caught an episode on CBS Drama around series 3 and was very impressed. I was soon hooked on it and it was a very well written drama series. I actually think it was better than Prisoner in some ways (obviously Prisoner is my favourite show) but Bad Girls was filmed in a real prison location and had a bigger budget so looked a lot more impressive, it did go a bit silly as time went on but so did Pris. One of my fave storylines was when Yvonne planned the escape through the cellars of the prison with Jim Fenner following her and trapping her there. Quality stuff!
Regarding the location of Bad Girls, the first 3 seasons had exterior shots at HM Oxford prison (so right on that account, whereas Prisoner was shot at Channel Ten studios, with their studios made to look like a prison), but interior shots were filmed at 3 Mills Studios in East London (home originally to Big Brother). After Season 4, they built a replica of the exterior set there.

Hope that helps- if anyone wants to add to this, it would be of help.
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