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Sam@Cult Labs 2nd January 2010 05:33 PM

Suspiria (1977)




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Dario Argento's horror classic SUSPIRIA comes to DVD and, for the first time ever, Blu-ray in January 2010 having undergone a brand new high definition transfer courtesy of Nouveaux Pictures and Cine-Excess. Digitally remastered from HD, this brand new presentation has already led critics to claim, "Suspiria has never looked better. It has never sounded as good, either." (John Millar, Film Critic, Sunday Mail) and to hail it as "a stunning makeover for one of the greatest horror films ever made." (David Edwards, Daily Mirror). Both formats also come with a host of newly commissioned extras including a brand new documentary featuring director Dario Argento and composer Claudio Simonetti and a feature length audio commentary.

Inspired by Thomas De Quincey's Suspiria de Profundis and co-written by Argento and his long-term partner Daria Nicolodi, SUSPIRIA is Argento's undisputed masterpiece of Grand Guignol horror, hitting new peaks of terror through its stunning photography (courtesy of Luciano Tovoli), eye-popping production design and terrifying atmosphere of dread and death. Suzy Bannnion (Jessica Harper) is an American ballet student, travelling to Germany to study at an exclusive dance academy in the Black Forest. After one of the students and her friend are hideously murdered in the first of Argento's breath-catching set-piece killings, Suzy discovers that the academy has a bizarre history and, as the body count rises, she gets involved in a hideous labyrinth of murder, black magic and madness.

Utilising complex lighting systems, intense film processing techniques, wire-guided cameras and multi-layer music recording (highlighting a superb Goblin score), Argento paints a masterpiece of terror on a technically impeccable canvas.

SUSPIRIA (cert. 18) will be released on DVD and Blu-ray by Nouveaux Pictures on 18/01/10. Special Features include: "Fear At 400 Degrees: The Cine-Excess Of Suspiria" documentary featuring director Dario Agento and composer Claudio Simonetti; audio commentary by leading Dario Argento experts Alan Jones and Kim Newman; "Suspiria Perspectives" featuring Claudio Simonetti, Norman J. Warren and Patricia McCormack.

Rob Strange 2nd January 2010 06:13 PM

I think this is going to be the release of the year for many people, even if it is only January!

Wolf 4th January 2010 02:08 AM

Awww dic! this would be ****ing awesome on blu-ray but

I don't have a HD Telly. Got a PS3 which can play Blu-ray's too. Just can't afford the tv as I'm now a student.

Might try persuade one of my mates who buys Blu-ray movies to get it just so I can see it if I go round his house sometime...

Pete 4th January 2010 09:30 AM

Dont worry Wolf, its getting a standard dvd release aswell.

The Reaper Man@Cult Labs 4th January 2010 11:45 AM

CAN'T WAIT to see this in Hi-Def!:cool:

nekromantik 4th January 2010 07:35 PM


Originally Posted by reaper72 (Post 56033)
CAN'T WAIT to see this in Hi-Def!:cool:

here here :biggrin:


should be awesome

Sam@Cult Labs 5th January 2010 02:45 PM

Anyone have any thoughts on the remake?

I'm cynical at best, considering the fact that Suspiria is one of the most influential genre films ever produced and it's also a personal favourite. I can understand remaking a flawed film but why bother messing around with Argento's classic?

Obviously, it's a shameless money move and I hope the Argento brothers got a nice pay off, perhaps enough for them to bankroll a decent film with a good budget as the less said about Mother of Tears, the better.

I won't be making too much effort to see the new versions, although I may watch out of morbid curiosity, until then, It's the new Blu-Ray for me... you can improve on perfection!

vincenzo 5th January 2010 02:46 PM


Originally Posted by Sam@Cult Labs (Post 56317)
Anyone have any thoughts on the remake?

Yep. It's like a pencil without lead. Completely pointless.

Daemonia 5th January 2010 04:00 PM

Have to agree with Vin on this one. Totally pointless. Like a ship without sails, like a car without wheels.... :D

Seriously though, I'm not generally against the concept of remakes, but this just seems like a bad idea. Mainly, I think, because you can't make an Argento movie without Argento (you can barely make one with Argento himself these days LOL) - his style is probably more unique than any of the other director's whose films have been remade in recent years. Suspiria is a one-off original, that's what makes it so special. Don't remake it - re-issue it to cinemas so we can all see it on the big screen! :)

vincenzo 5th January 2010 04:09 PM


Originally Posted by Daemonia (Post 56342)
Have to agree with Vin on this one. Totally pointless. Like a ship without sails, like a car without wheels.... :D

As handy as a wax fireguard. As long lasting as a chocolate teapot. As useful as a one-legged man in an arse-kicking contest...... :D

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