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Originally Posted by thehamish View Post
have to was MES? or more to the point, how long did he stay on stage??
Haha! The Newcastle gig was worrying because the venue had a strict 10pm cufew and the band didn't come on until about 9:50. Thankfully, the curfew was waived and we got about 50-55 minutes which, while short by most other bands standards, is par for the course these days with The Fall. He seemed ok, but pretty drunk at Newcastle. Great gig overall though.

York was even better - he seemed on better form and they came back on twice to do an unplanned one-song-encore. During Latch Key Kid he handed me the mic as well which was awesome so hopefully my drunken singing/shouting is immortalised on a bootleg somewhere (happened again briefly on White Lightning too)
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