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Originally Posted by iluvdvds@Cult Labs View Post
Call me old fashioned but I much, much prefer buying a CD than downloading it from Itunes. And, hopefully, quite a few people on here are the same.


What was the last album/cd/single/casette (!), whatever that you bought (online or off).

I recieved Black Sabbath's Master Of Reality today and have Angel Witch's... Angel Witch on order.
You're an angel witch, you're an angel witch!

Last musics I bought was the Calvinball/ONSIND/Apologies, I Have None split 12". Three excellent UK punk bands covering each others songs. It's a one sided record, with a lovely screenprint on the other side.

If you fancy giving them a listen, all the songs are up here - | Calvinball

Calvinball are a drunk punk band. ONSIND are acoustic feminists. Apologies, I Have None like folk.
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