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I really like Mother of Tears too. It's not Argento at his peak, no, nor in the same league as Suspiria/Inferno (considering it's supposed to complete the trilogy). It's not scary either, and doesn't have the trademark Argento aesthetic.

But I can't say I didn't thoroughly enjoy it. It's campy, gory, fast-paced, fun, apocalyptic mayhem - a hark back to Italian horror at its most delirious and over the top. Suspiria and Inferno are perfectly crafted arthouse horrors. Mother of Tears is a somewhat sloppy unashamed b-movie, and works perfectly well on that front, with a genuinely entertaining performance from Asia. They're polar opposite films, but work in their own ways.

So I stand by that film! Despite the anticipation, the negative press I heard was overwhelming, but I loved every second. Enough to buy the DVD and the French Blu (damned forced subs!).

I'm no Argento apologist either - I found the Card Player quite dull, didn't like his Masters of Horror stuff, and Giallo just left me incredulous.
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