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Originally Posted by Delirium View Post
And you're welcome to that opinion - it was indeed a mistake to make it the third of the trilogy. But there's a world of difference between 'inferior work' and 'rubbish' - I concur with the former, but disagree with the latter. Considering the time between the films - 27/30 years - and the fact that during that time we've seen the director change considerably, I simply didn't expect another Suspiria or Inferno. I was surprised by how much I actually did enjoy it (trust me, I was prepared to hate it).

But I also can't write off what is also a wonderfully entertaining film in its own right (IMO), based on the fact it doesn't stand up to a film from 27/30 years ago. But again, I wouldn't argue that as it's all down to personal taste and I fully respect your opinion in not liking it.

Good discussing with you. Merry Christmas!
And a Merry Christmas to you too!

I'm glad that people do like Mother of tears, and I really, really wanted to like it too. But it just felt like a slap in the face to me. Maybe it's because I have, actually, physically waited nearly 30 years to see the final instalment made. It was a long wait....and it wasn't worth it. People farily new to Argento won't have waited quite so long as some of us older folk. I've been waiting to see this third part since circa 1983 when I first caught Suspiria and subsequently tracked down Inferno. So I've anticipated this conclusion to the trilogy for a looooong time. Perhaps that only heightened my sense of disappointment...
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