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Creepshow 2 is better than most people seem to think but Trilogy Of Terror is only saved from from mediocrity by Richard Matheson's story "Prey" with the Zuni Doll.Trilogy Of Terror 2 starring Lysette Anthony may be less fondly remembered but it has stronger stories due to the fact it also contains a remake of Matheson's "Bobby" from the 1977 Dan Curtis anthology Dead Of Night.I would've put that in my favourites list if in the poll solely for this creepy final story which scared me as a kid.Twilight Zone-The Movie has an outstanding remake of the William Shatner episode but the Spielberg one is over sentimental & Vic Morrow's suffered from re-editing due to his death in the on set accident.I can only imagine that the original ending had Morrow saving the kids (also tragically killed) during the Vietnam sequence & being redeemed,instead of the more downbeat ending they were forced to go with.
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