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Default looks ok

I think it looks ok,

love argento
love horror
love vampires
love a good bad film
love giant insects
not expecting too much
know the masters past his best and will always forgive him for what hes given me in suspiria, inferno, deep red etc
never trust a trailer for judgement.

somebody hit it on the head in I think the dracula poster thread, when they said that if Dario did his psychadelic colours thing, signature camera work etc it would not be appreciated by modern audiences (excpet us of course!) Argento is trying to provide to an audience that wants CG FX at every turn, not his forte me thinks!

Times have moved on and old Darios struggled, but what a legacy he has left us with even if he never churns out a giallo to die for saturated in rainbow colours dripping with graphic deaths.

Long live Argento and bring on Dracula.....naff or not!
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