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Originally Posted by Roughale View Post
Haha, thanks, shows me I need 2-5 then

I once was lucky and found an advanced reader's copy of the limited and signed edition of Matheson's Collected Stories - at around 100 dollars, if I remember correctly...

I did not have success finding a picture or link to it, maybe I come back to add one, if I can find it. As far as I remember, it was signed by himself, his son and some of the foreword writers (not Stephen King though, I might have fainted, if it had been the case). If anyone is interested about details, let me know (PN) and I'll check it out...

Edit: Found a picture:

I hope this is not regarded as spamming the thread, if so, vols 2-5 of Twilight Zone on BD can shut me up fopr good

Edit2: And here is the signature (I am no Steve though), it turned out I had taken a picture of it and posted it elsewhere, here it is, unsharp:

Woah! Now that is very impressive! Fantastic stuff Roughale - that'll definetly be worth a pretty penny

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