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The quality in the Retromedia set ain't great, they look like they were taken from VHS masters. It's around 5 so it's worth it for that and to be honest I'm just glad that someone is releasing this stuff. Have you seen the Ivan Marx documentary - Legend Of Bigfoot - and Bill Rebane's Capture Of Bigfoot? Capture seems to take a bit of stick but I really enjoyed it, it was a nice ride.

That Man Or Beast? documentary was very interesting. It was done when the Bigfoot boom was at its peak back in the mid-70s and it follows a team of Bigfoot enthusiasts going into the wilderness to find it. First it has that lovely '70s feel and that wholesome all American narration so straight away it gave me the feel good factor. It also goes to show just why Bigfoot has never been found. Whenever I talk to people about the existence of the Sasquatch the feedback I always get is "if they really do exist then surely someone would have found one by now". What they don't seem to understand is that it's a big world out there and there are some parts of it out in the wilderness that remains unexplored. If the Sasquatch does exist (and I'm open minded on this) then they're very deep in these forgotten areas where most people just can't access. I recommend it highly, Mark. Mine was a DVD-R but it has been uploaded onto YouTube if you wanna give it a go:

Part 1 of 11:

Oh and the guy whose team attempted to find Bigfoot in that doc wrote a book about Bigfoot sightings and still actively researches it.
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