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I remember reading about this one in a really decrepit issue of 'House of Hammer' I found in a charity shop when I was 13 - the article really captured my imagination, and seemed to describe something incredibly dark and transgressive, so like yourself my expectations were primed (and in my case totally unrealistic). The trailer I saw a couple of years later seemed harrowing and further reinforced my sense of needing to see it. Strangely enough though I only caught up with LDAMM 3 years ago - came away with the impression of having had a rather strained experience with it, one which dragged a lot of the time, but which was also punctuated with genuine jolts both in the grue and weirdness stakes - enough to make sitting down with it worthwhile. For me it lacked the eeriness I was looking for, despite some nice atmosphere in places and 'characters' like Guthrie - nothing like a bad dub that fluctuates between South London and RP to undermine a sense of creeping doom. My mate presented a paper about it at Bradford uni last year (think it showed there along with Lizard in a Woman's Skin). I'll need to re-watch to come to terms with its Vick'n'Bobness - will definitely keep an eye out for The Man With The Stick!
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