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Default Prisoner years later fan fiction.

Was thinking of writing a few short stories about characters and what happened to them 25 years later or so. Each story is central to one character with other`s involved also, but focusing on one or two in particular. I am not a professional writer so my stories would probably seem to need editing but hopefully the stories themselves and the interest level would make up for it. I am also not a super `hardcore` fanatic, so there maybe tiny bits that could be slightly inaccurate. That`s why I would`nt get in to anything too intricate. As I said the stories would intertwine most of the time. Some idea`s are as follows.

Lizzie`s last few months.weeks of life.
Doreen`s life and hiding the past from a family she has created.
Pixie 25 years after she know...and what she has become.
Joan Ferguson after she is released from prison.
Vera`s retirement from governership.
Jock Stewart`s life from the accident up until 25 years later and one more encounter with Judy.
And, this may start a riot - The story of how Bea Smith faked her own death and why no one found out.

Anyway, here is a small sample of what i have written so far, Like I said - Amaturish and probably is not going to end up on the best sellers list (It`s free anyway...)

Pixie Mason -

Coming up roses....

The middle aged woman with the blond bob sat behind her desk,A phone begging for attention rings in another office behind a closed door. She waits patiently for her latest client to come in. She knows about this woman who was soon to come through the door - She knew the client too had been in Wentworth detention centre as a convicted criminal. The phone in the distance stopped.It seemed to make the whole building go quiett even though there was still chatter and papers being shuffled and such. Her biggest fear was more anticipation rather than anything negative. What would she say? She sits, thinking about how her life had led her to this chair at this moment in time, She thought about the rape by that pig Burke, She thought about that day everyday. How could she not? It had almost destroyed her.The `silence` was broken - BZZZZ..."Yes?", "Your two O`clock is here ma`am" "Thank you send her in please".

The door opened, There her client stood looking naturally like an older version of the person she last saw 25 years ago. Her hair was darker and her voice was a little deeper, The lady in standing in the doorway didn`t make eye contact so there wasn`t much hope of being recognized immediately, however she knew a formal introduction would leave no doubt. "Good afternoon, and thank you for coming",They quickly shook hands. She felt a lump in her throat as she felt her heart start to race, She knew her next words would be a shock."My" Like jumping in to a swimming pool she hesitated for a brief second imagining either that first blast of paralyzing cold water enveloping her as her client stared at her with vacant,tired eye`s, "Marlene...Marlene Russell, Formally Warren...Hello Pixie..."

"Nice to meet you Marlene..." Now Marlene felt her eye`s become sad....

It`s all I have written, but I have idea`s of where they are all going. Let me know, but don`t be too mean if it sucks.
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