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Originally Posted by Wilson Bros View Post
It's rather lengthy, but should answer any questions potential purchasers might have about it.

Review: Four Flies on Grey Velvet (UK - BD RB) - DVDActive

Great review as always guys.

I loved your summing up so much, I thought I'd post it here - hope you don't mind:

There will be many who will watch Four Flies on Grey Velvet and wonder what all the fuss was about. These people are called “plebeians”. They are will have been weaned on modern thrillers, with lightning-fast editing, stunt-casting and post-ironic humour so as to make them more palatable, with anything released prior to the advent of DVD lost on them anyway. To the rest of us, the wait is finally over, and the full beauty of Argento’s “lost” giallo can be seen in a way which the faithful could never have imagined. What with it being 2012 and the release of one of the most cherished of unreleased Italian horror genre, the outlook for mankind in somewhat bleak. The Four Flies of the Apocalypse are upon us. It’s the end of the world as we know it, but finally watching Argento’s most unloved thriller on Blu-ray, we feel fine.

Viva Argento.

Viva Shameless.
Whilst you're right about FFOGV generally going 'unloved', it's actually my favourite of the 'Animal Trilogy', and my favourite Argento film after Tenebrae and Suspiria.
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