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Default Richard Driscoll's Eldorado (2012) ?!?

Anyone have any info on this curio ? I pre-ordered it a few weeks back for work never expecting it to get a release, and lo and behold it dropped through the letterbox today.

I know very little about Richard Driscoll other than he has a notable share of haters, especially the writer M.J. Simpson who seems to slate him quite regularly.

Eldorado is slated as horror / musical / western - or as the cover snappily says "Mamma Mia for Horror Fans" (!) Before you all rush out to buy it *cough*, the cast list includes Peter O'Toole, Daryl Hannah, Michael Madsen, Steve Guttenberg, Brigitte Nielsen (spelled Briggitte on the sleeve - ffs), Rik Mayall, Jeff Fahey, Sylvester McCoy (spelled Slyvester on the sleeve), Bill Moseley, Patrick Bergin, Oliver Tobias, Robert Llewellyn, Caroline Munro (spelled Monro on the sleeve), Buster Bloodvessel and David Carradine.

Running time is stated as 158 mins - its not - its 115 mins. No extras either so its not as if they've included those.

Watching it tomorrow. I'm not expecting a great deal to be fair !

Eldorado (2012) - IMDb
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