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Originally Posted by Stephen@Cult Labs View Post
Although I mentioned that when I first saw the doc, I told Emily on Twitter that I did like the scene of her putting the videotape in the VCR, she knew exactly what I meant, the 'arse shot' as she so elequently put it.
Originally Posted by Stephen@Cult Labs View Post
I just watch the menu for hours on end. Emily putting the tape in the vcr mmmmmmmm
You're not alone, Stephen, you're not alone!

Originally Posted by Beyond72 View Post
*Kim Newman Looks at Bay of Blood VHS cover* "Not sure what the squid has to do with anything"

I realize he has to watch new movies daily, unlike me, who watches the same old movies time and time again.
I love Newman's presentations, but it was indeed striking that he couldn't remember this (pretty impressive) scene of A Bay of Blood.

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