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Default Hi from an old school Twilight Zone fan

Hi everybody here, I've just joined this site forum, well, let me tell you a bit about moi , my real name is John and I'm 48 years old this year, I run a number of my own website forums and I am a Sci-Fi fan going way back to the early 1970's, you name it I saw it and I have been an enormous fan of Rod Serlings The Twilight Zone for donkeys years, I especially like his original B&W series but even the latter ones including the classic movie "you wanna see something really scary??" that was made after he sadly passed away did him proud, it encapsulates all that Rod Serling intended it to be I'm certain.

For me, the show and the movie was a real source of inspiration when growing up and even now when I play all the DVD's it still gives me that sense of hope that the world today is lacking, it has so many moral and ethical points to make about life and the world we live in that I only wish more people would take note of, The Twilight Zone is educational and it's all about people, particularly people who are a little down on their luck and feeling the whole world is against them, well, we can all get that way sometimes can't we??, I've often been there and The Twilight Zone has always given me inspiration, hope and an answer, it's a show that's timesless, even though it started in the 1950's it could speak to anyone today if they are willing to listen, to me, Rod Serling was a genius, ahead of his time with a lot to tell us, and the way he told us was through his shows and he did a few, but the best he ever did was The Twilight Zone, many thanks
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