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Originally Posted by floyd75dylan View Post
I think a total overhall release of Suspiria should be on the cards, with correct colour timing, and sound, as the Nouveaux Pictures transfer was awful.

Also a whole host of extras etc, and a better tagline on the front cover, instead of insulting "Taking trash seriously" Nouveaux used.

That would be for me, a first day buy release, as I've been waiting years for a definitive release.
Completely agree. The film was done a disservice with the remastering, and it makes me sorry for the medium that so many 'fans' are so accepting of it. People can suggest that people are recollecting it wrong all they like, it really doesn't change the facts. There isn't a single print prior to the remastering that shows the same colour scheme, hell, Suspiria still crops up at festival circuits in it's original form, so that whole people remembering it wrong argument doesn't wash at all. Apparently a couple of DI-sourced Blu-ray remasterings have suffered a similar colour problem, which the people in the know point towards a 4:4:4 colour space being downconverted to 4:2:0. But whether that's true or not far beyond my understanding.

There is so much fuss all over the net about it, particularly on Italian forums that I'm certain there will be a new remastering of it, if anything just to milk more from the film.

Back on topic though, I echo Rik and Tombsy666's sentiments. I hope the move to Dual Formats does free up more cash for licensing stuff, because a lot of what Arrow are putting out just isn't for me, where once I used to buy the vast majority of what they put out. Hopefully we'll find out the answers to that picture teaser Arrow teased us with a while ago, as there looked to potentially be a few things that interested me.
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