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Hey all!

Time to end this competition and announce some very lucky winners.

But first...the answers!

1) A wild garden gnome has appeared!

2) Someone's pinched the record player

3) The pattern on the chair has changed

4) The Freak has turned into Adolf Freak

5) Adolf Freak is wearing a rather fetching piano tie

6)...and she's grown an extra button

7) The lamp has lost its top

8) The cushion has changed

9) Wally's been found!

10) The booze bottle has turned around

11) The lady's grown a new earing

12) Her shadow's grown horns \m/

13) And the Freak's taste in art has changed to dog's playing poker. Classy.

The three who got the most correct - coincidentally three - are (in no particular order)...




Well done guys (and/or gals) you've just won the 13th Volume of Prisoner!

If this is your first time winning a comp here, please PM me an address you'd like your prize sent to. Now, remember that these have been put back a few weeks, so they make some time in coming I'm afraid.

On that note, if anyone won either Vol. 11 or 12, expect a knock from your postman this week


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