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Originally Posted by stingersplash View Post
thanks guys it was a lot of effort to get them all - and just as hard making that list.

so hard i actually left 2 off - oops.

Well technically its one - Doctor Who Series 5 Limited Edition. This was released in both DVD and Bluray Jumbo Steelbooks (thicker than the average bear, or steelbook). And i have both even though i hate Matt Smiths version so ill never watch them.

Dedication right there - or complete insanity.

so how do i go about putting the pics up - i noticed in my profile there is an album section so it that the place for them?

because with this being an arrow forum and there being only 1 arrow films steelbook released so far it wouldnt make sense in a thread right?
Yeah you can upload the pics in an album . Sounds like an awesome collection. Would love to see pics of it.
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