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Originally Posted by suziginajackson View Post
Just out of interest, and purely hypothetical you understand, but without suggesting anything of the sort, if I was to mention that today I got:

A Michael Bay box set (containing 'Bad Boys' and 'Bad Boys 2' [double disc special edition) - 4:00
'Twilight: Eclipse' - double disc special edition - 1:99

would you still love me as much as you do?

Oh - I thought that's what you would say. In that case, I will keep quiet about them, and just admit to getting:

'The Last Exorcism' - 2:99
'Hatchet 2' - 2:99
'Avenging Fist' - HKL - 1:50
'Psychoville - Complete 1st Series' - double disc set - 4:00
Is probably a wise decision not to mention the Michael Berry or Twilight films as there would be posts questioning your sanity!

Good prices for the good things you bought though!
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