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Exclamation Shameless & Argent at Cine-Excess VI

Shameless, and its sister label, Argent Films, have hooked up with CineExcess Film Festival again this year...

Shameless and Argent releases will again be celebrated during this year’s CineExcess to mark the presence of BOTH Enzo G. Castellari AND Sergio Martino.

It’s not only an occasion to see these films on big screen within the prestigious conference on Global Cult Films that is Cine Excess, but for fans and for us it’s the occasion to welcome not one but TWO of our hero-directors: the master of action cinema Enzo G. Castellari and the master of the sexy, elegant, slasher giallo Sergio Martino.

We can so far confirm that Enzo Castellari has personally chosen KEOMA (released by Argent) to accompany his visit to Cine-Excess VI. We are waiting to hear what other Shameless film or films the directors will wish to showcase.

KEOMA is Castellari’s seminal and highly acclaimed Spaghetti Western masterpiece.

Revered by Quentin Tarantino, who calls him “My Maestro!”, the hugely influential Castellari, who has long been considered a master of action cinema, directs with breathtaking visual style and flair this unique and innovative entry in the Spaghetti Western genre.

Franco Nero (Django, Die Hard 2, The Virgin And The Gypsy, Camelot) stars as the half-breed gunslinger of the title, returning after fighting in the American Civil War to find his hometown under the dictator-like rule of a criminal gang leader named Caldwell. Keoma's return is welcomed by his aging father but resented by his three half-brothers, not least because, against their father's wishes, they are now in the employment of the corrupt Caldwell. Intent on restoring justice to the town, Keoma finds himself up against Caldwell's horde of gangsters and his own flesh and blood in a deadly and ultimately tragic conflict.

KEOMA ranks alongside DJANGO as one of Franco Nero's finest films and also features powerful performances from a superb cast which includes Woody Strode (The Quick And The Dead, Once Upon A Time In The West, Spartacus).

Cine-Excess VI will be held at the Odeon Covent Garden & The Italian Cultural Institute, London from 24 to 26 May 2012. For more info, check out their website.

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