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AMSTERDAMNED rocks! An incredibly good, low-budget slice of Eurothriller from the Netherlands, and one of the last decent films ITV ever aired, which is how I saw it. (They premiered it at 2am on New Year's Day in the early 1990's! :grin: )

I loved the film so much, I bought the Netherlands DVD release which didn't have any kind of English audio/subs to chose, but it was that good I endured watching it in Dutch, until - of couirse - Nouveaux Pictures released it in the UK a year or two back, with both the English subtitled option, and the English dubbed option (predominantly performed by the original cast, who were mainly bi-lingual, making it a very rare occasion when a film's cast has performed the same film in two languages)!

I remember THE LIFT on Channel 4 many, many years ago, but I was so young (early teens at best), that I don't honestly remember much about it. Definitely a film I'd like to see released in the UK, however.
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