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Originally Posted by RedEyeTheCylon View Post
Looks like Inferno is going to get a Revisitations release next year:

Quote from Steve Roberts: "We announced today at Utopia 2012 that we are revisiting Inferno for a 2013 release, utilising a combination of film recordings and RSC colour."
But 'Inferno' already has a pretty good, two disc release

Can't help thinking we are being given a bit of a raw deal with the 'Revisitation' things. Although the new extra features are as wonderful as ever, it does seem a bit of a cheek to expect fans to spend money on stories that they probably already have.

It seems that the producers of the DVD's have come to the conclusion that fans of 'Doctor Who' are like fans of 'Rocky Horror' - they will buy any old rubbish that comes out containing the name!

And yes, if 'Inferno' is re-released, I will end up getting on the first day because I am a mug/fan*

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