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Originally Posted by cap1010 View Post
Central used to take PCBH off for a couple of weeks at Xmas and new year but in Jan 1989, they made up for it by having 'an 8 day PCBH special' - an episode a day for 8 consecutive days. That was just brilliant! They did the same in Jan 1990 but with only 6 consecutive episodes.

We got it on saturdays, sundays and mondays to begin with. Then fridays, sundays and mondays.
my goodness, what a good memory you have. i watched in the Central region too and had totally forgotten about this!

it's slowly coming back now.. i remember there was some hoopla on Central and the final episode.. i recall James Whale having something to do with it. didn't he have a PCBH themed special on ???

i was sad when it ended.. i did miss it for awhile but only for a few days or so. it was always on so late so i was glad to go to bed at an earlier time.

i wish i knew the exact episode i started watching from.. i think it was sometime in 1989 and so i must have missed more than the first 250 episodes .. and even after that i used to catch it sporadically.. it's funny though because while i was playing ketchup! with the dvd's the earliest recollection i had was of Jim Fletcher and Michelle Parks training at the running track around 209-213 but that could have been something i glimpsed one night tuning in on the terrible fuzzy Anglia reception ??

i do remember i saw Bea for quite some time before she left in 400.

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