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Originally Posted by waldo View Post
lol.. we're almost neck and neck.. i'm on disc 3..

loved the bomb story. i don't remember it at all. i'm wondering if i missed it first time around. i watched in the Central region between 1989-1991.

Maxine has been shot dead.. good riddance. most annoying character to date. her stupid squeaky baby voice grated on me since day dot. argggh.

just gone passed the contagious disease outbreak episodes.

and sadly yes Bea will be leaving in a few more.

over and out!
Hi Waldo. In Central ITV, Bea left in early Dec 1989, so the bomb eps would have been shown around Nov 1989. Do you think you had started watching it by then?

Couldn't agree with you more regarding Maxine. That bloody awful girly voice she puts on was so annoying. I can just hear her now, screeching "Ma, can I come home".
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