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Originally Posted by Stephen@Cult Labs View Post
I have no problems with anyone posting negative comments, it's his whole "f*ck you Arrow" attitude that's annoying me about his review. He's even had a dig at me in the part he added last night. But hey, if that's the way he wants to be, good luck to him.
Obviously, I am unaware of the history between Arrow and Kentai, and it appears there is some history between you both. I don't know why Kentai holds that attitude, but without having an open dialogue between Arrow and him, I can't say whether that attitude is one he is right to hold, or whether he is wrong in holding it. (Apoliogies for that awful explanation. I can't find a better way of saying what I mean at the moment. )

With that said, I'm not that keen on your attitude, when you say "But hey, if that's the way he wants to be, good luck to him." It doesn't exactly make you out to be the more morally-righteous person. Surely it would make more sense for you / Arrow, to say to Kentai, "Ok, I gather there are issues you have with us, let's discuss them." Take the upper-hand. Offer him a hand, an invite to have constructive dialogue with yourselves, and see why he holds his "screw-you Arrow" opinion, and see if you can actively find a manner to deflate that concept, and get him to see things in a more appropriate fashion.

Proverbially-telling him "Well if that's your attitude, then so be it" is no better than his attitude towards you guys... in my opinion. You're both being closed-minded, and to be blunt, very pig-headed. Maybe it's a bloke thing?

And no, it doesn't matter to me whose fault it is. It's not about apportioning blame, it's about both sides acting in a mature fashion to solve a clear grievance. At the minute, he's acting as badly as you are, and you're acting as bad as he is.

Originally Posted by Daemonia View Post
I get the feeling you have this idea that the people on Cult Labs are hostile to every little criticism. You yourself seem constantly on the defensive.
Not at all. I simply state what I have seen, and I have seen in the short time I've been a member here, threads shut-down, and Moderators telling members "X subject is not up for discussion", or posting polls asking for feedback, and then when they get the feedback, the feedback is completely ignored, and Arrow jsut does whatever it wants to do.

Thus it seems to me, that in some instances, Arrow is no better than any politician: requesting public opinion, and then totally ignoring that opinion. Seems completely to me. If Arrow wants to do whatever it wants to do, then that's fine. I don't have a problem with that. But don't court feedback or information from your members or customers, and then just ignore them.

Originally Posted by Daemonia View Post
<snip> no-one's attacking you. We had a difference of opinion on ASF, but I'm certainly not going to drag that into every thread we both post on. You had your opinion and I have mine. It's not a big deal. Not to me, anyway.
I was actually having a little joke with you all, a bit of self-deprecating humour, at my own expense. It wasn't an attack on yourself, or anyone else. I was taking the michael out of myself, due to the irony of my post, and that I could see how the irony might seem a tad hypocritical of me!

As I say, I don't know how Arrow and Shameless is run, when it comes to what films they select, what ones get remastered or whatever, and what ones they simply release as-is. I don't know about all the technical work that Arrow has to do, to get a film "up-to-scratch". I don't know how many people are involved in Arrow, what kind of effort is put-in, or anything else. As such, if it's a proverbial one-man-band operation, then I would be a lot more forgiving of errors and problems, than if it was, say, a major Hollywood Studio such as 20th Century Fox.

Irrespective, some Arrow releases do have issues - some I know of, others I don't. For the benefit of everyone, I feel that it is better that issues are discussed openly and honestly, with neither side taking pot-shots at the other, rather than simply being shut-down and told "That's not up for discussion".

Any company who refuses to discuss an issue, regarding its products, is going to fall by the wayside, sooner or later. I would hate that to happen with Arrow / Shameless, et al.
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