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Originally Posted by Cap. Vic RobotPants M.D. View Post
I'm really interested in picking up a lot of the Masters of Cinema blu rays. Shame about the Japanese Black levels as those were the ones I was most keen on buying. I still need to buy an all region player. Hopefully in the next two weeks.
Didn't they release Onibaba on blu, and if so, any one have it?
Lately Criterion hasn't put out anything that jumps into my order list.
Onibabi isn't out on blu (yet) but Criterion have released Shindo's other horror classic, Kuroneko, as you probably know.

I too love MoC's releases and feel both Eureka and Criterion are on an equal footing in terms of quality output on blu ray at least.

I couldn't pick which MoC release I like best to be honest. Lifeboat, Touch of Evil, Island of Lost Souls, Repo Man and Silent Running are all first rate releases with steelbook artwork to die for.

Their Japanese output is quality too; Ugetsu Monogatari, Sansho Dayu, Oyu Sama, Gion Bayashi, Burmese Harp, Harakiri, Profound Desires of the Gods, Ballad of Narayama, Shogun Assassin (non MoC)... The list goes on. Fantastic!

Then their silent stuff: Sunrise, City Girl, Couer Fidele, Metropolis. Best BD publisher in Britain!
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