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Originally Posted by suziginajackson View Post
That was an 'Amazon exclusive' release, so it wasn't available in the shops. Luckily I had got all the stories separately

I always listen to the coms. Obviously Hartnell, Troughton and Pertwee are not featured

I found the Tom Baker ones on the early releases to be very disappointing. It was as if he still didn't care about the show, and couldn't really be bothered. The ones on his later releases are best, even if he does spend a lot of time letching at the women on the screen (apart from Lalla, of course)!

Peter Davison's ones are very enjoyable. He is my least favourite Doctor from the classic series, but his coms are possibly the best ones. However, he does tend to repeat the 'Doctor daddy' story quite a lot!

Colin Baker is also enjoyable, as is Sylvester McCoy

Paul McGann's com I have no memory of!

Aside from the Doctor's, I have always found Terrance Dicks and Nicholas Courtney to be good value for money, and their love for the show shines thru
My gf will stop what she is doing to listen when Terrance is speaking in a featurette. He's just such an entertaining guy.

I had planned on ordering Trial boxset along with E-Space Trilogy or Trial with Genesis of the Daleks and Five Doctors(curious about the Tennant commentary) but am leading towards Trial and Revisitations 1. I definitely want all three Revisitations though.
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